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These healing, powerful, & transformational Guided Hypnotherapy sessions on
CD are like having an individual hypnotherapy appointment with Lynda in the privacy of your own home!

Explore your inner worlds,
uncover your beliefs,
and change your life!

Lynda Hilburn is a Licensed Psychotherapist, a Certified Clinical
Hypnotherapist, a Professional Intuitive, a Hypnotherapy Instructor,
a Teacher, a Group Facilitator and a Singer/Musician. She combines

all of her years of experience and education with her talents and abilities,
to offer you healing and life-changing experiences. These CDs are a
wonderful complementary tool, which can be used to enhance your
on-going explorations of personal and spiritual growth, physical
wellness and psychological healing. In addition, they are excellent
for meditation, deep relaxation
and stress reduction.

Each CD: $20 (plus $2 S&H) or 6 CDs for $100 (free S&H)

Downloadable CD files: $10 each



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Profound Relaxation & Healing Sleep
Take a mental vacation, leave the outer world
behind, and journey down into inner peace.

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Create The Body You Desire
Explore the Magic Mirrors and use the power of your unconscious mind
to create the body you desire. This is an excellent resource for weight loss.

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Attracting Your Mate
Are you ready to experience love? Utilize the power of your imagination to create an irresistible vibrational match with the perfect mate for you.

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Healing Your Body: The Circle of Healers
Journey down into your unconscious mind, explore your 7 energy centers,
and reclaim the vibrant wellness that has always been yours.

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Awakening Your Psychic Abilities
Take a magical inner journey to meet with the psychic part of yourself and explore and increase your natural skills and abilities.

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Manifesting Abundance
Allow your Inner Guide to teach you about the powerful Law of Attraction, so you can magnetize the money, prosperity, fulfillment and security that you desire.

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Past Life Regression
Journey into your unconscious mind and explore your connection to other times and places through Past Life Hypnotherapy. Gentle and transformative.

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If you prefer not to use Paypal and would like to order CDs mailed to you using a credit card:
Call 303-939-8832 or e-mail You may also order by sending a check to:

Lynda Hilburn, MA, LPC, CCH
P.O. Box 20443, Boulder, CO 80308

Each CD: $22
(includes S&H)

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Cover Art by Willow Arlenea



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