Healing Through Writing #1
Becoming a Main Character
in Your Own Life

This workshop is for anyone who wishes to uncover the roots of old patterns, to explore limiting beliefs, and to make conscious new decisions about the present and the future.

Writing experience is not required or necessary. All that is needed is a desire to learn about yourself and a willingness to grow. This is an opportunity for you to participate in a powerful workshop in the privacy of your own home. It is also a wonderful way to explore personal psychotherapy without having to come to my office!

Writing is an excellent uncovering technique, and as you write the stories of your family, your life, your past, and yourself, some recurring themes will begin to emerge. After you submit each writing assignment (with a minimum word count) to me (via email), I will send back an email (or emails), offering you suggestions (both psychological and intuitive) and insights to help you pick out the different aspects of your struggles and challenges. I will also ask you to write more about the various issues, patterns and tendencies that were brought to light in your stories.

This workshop will provide you with some of the "back story" chapters for the "Book of You," and it could open the door for future writing and inner
world exploration.

As we move through time, it becomes clear that the only helpful option is to become masterful at self-acceptance and self-forgiveness. And, as we cultivate those things within ourselves, we find it is much easier to view others and the world through a more compassionate lens.

The Workshop is ongoing. It begins when you enroll, and ends when you complete the 6 writing assignments.

After you complete Healing Through Writing #I, you may enroll in the second workshop, Healing Through Writing #2. Details upon request.

Fee For Workshop: $100 Payable by personal check or master card/visa in advance.

To Enroll: Send an email letting me know that you wish to participate, and I'll send you an application.



Cover Art by
Willow Arlenea


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